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Online Data PC Backup & Recovery offers a range of intelligent flexible features designed to make backing up and restoring data as simple, secure and as cost-effective as possible. 
Prevent data loss and ensure quick and easy recovery of your personal and business data with Yourhub Online Backup for PCs and Laptops powered by Storedata. 

"More than peace of mind"

Increasingly we rely more and more upon our computers to run our businesses and hold all our essential information. It's time to realise that it is no longer suitable for you to be relying upon local clumsy tape and disc backup systems to secure your data. Often when called upon to recover the data from these sources it is corrupt and takes days to bring your business back on line with much information lost in the process. 
Yourhub offers Online Backup services to many businesses. Backup your data securely, automatically and reliably to protect your computers and business against any disaster. 
Yourhub offers data backup services for Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems for personal computers, laptops or servers online. 
Yourhub online backup services means that all your important data is backed up on our secure servers away from your office and is scheduled to backup at time intervals that suit you, and includes a backup reporting system. 
Key Features: 
  • Backup your data to a local or our remote datacentre
  • Backup while in use.
  • Automatically schedule preferred backup time.
  • Data backup reporting.
  • Data Encryption through SSL authentication and AES 128/256 bits technology.
  • Supports Operating Systems - Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS-X Linux, Macintosh
  • Supports MS Echange and SQL
  • 24x7 availability of your data through internet to any location.

Watch the Storedata movie presentation Here:

(Duration: 3.27 mins) 
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Storedata for Laptops Brochure Storedata for Laptops 
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Additional Information

Service Information
Data Backup PC
Data Backup Server
Set Up Fee
Cancellation Fee
1 months notice
1 months notice
Operating System Support
Windows, Linux, Macintosh
Windows, Linux, Macintosh
Storage Options
10GB Storage
25GB Storage
50GB Storage
100GB Storage
Service Features
Automatic Backup
Data Encryption
Reporting / Confirmation
Windows, Macintosh, Linux
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