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Yourhub NBN Fiber Plans - Business.


What makes Yourhub NBN better?

Yourhub  NBN customers can enjoy a trouble free transition from standard ADSL to NBN. Our Business NBN plans start from as little as $89.95 per month. If you want to know more about NBN please contact us so we can check if it's available in your area or simply assist you with your enquiries. 

  • Australia Wide Service
  • 100% Australian Owned
  • Personalised service
  • Local Australian Support
  • Pricing from just $89.95
  • Fixed IP Address
  • No Excess Usage Charges
  • 100% Redundancy against NBN Outages (Optional. Redundancy not avail all areas)
  • Up to 5 email addresses

Choose your National Broadband Network (NBN) Package.

NBN Plans - Business.







NBN-BUS-25 - 25/5Mbps






Standard Typical Evening Speed 22.3mbps*

NBN-BUS-50 - 50/20Mbps






Standard Typical Evening Speed 43.8mbps*

NBN-BUS-100 - 100/40Mbps






Standard Typical Evening Speed 89.3mbps*

NBN-BUS-ULTRA - 250/25Mbps






Standard Typical Evening Speed 222.0mbps*







Upto 30/5mbps


12 months


Standard Typical Evening Speed 22.4mbps*

NBN REDUNDANCY - Standalone>

Upto 30/5mbps


12 months


Standard Typical Evening Speed 22.4mbps*
- Marked prices include GST


For more information, or to signup over the phone, call us on 1300 762 568. 
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What do I get with Yourhub Business NBN?

When joining Yourhub NBN Business customers can enjoy the following benefits.


Included Features:

  • Fixed monthly charge with no excess usage charges
  • Fixed IP Address
  • Up to 5 email addresses

View NBN Coverage Map Here 
View NBN Coverage Map
NBN not available in your area yet? Try our Highspeed Fixed Wireless Broadband (Townsville and suburbs only) 

Why bundle NBN with our Fully Managed PBX phone service?
When choosing be sure to bundle your business phone with your chosen super fast NBN internet package. Doing so means that you can then terminate your aging copper telephone line and stop paying line rental. You can keep your existing phone number or we can allocate you a new one, the choice is yours!
  • No more line rental charges
  • 20c calls Australia wide - Unlimited time
  • Use your existing business phone numbers
  • For more information about our Managed PBX service for business click here for more information about Managed PBX
    Our standard business lines are available should you not require all the bells and whistles of our PBX services. Contact us for more information. 
    Yourhub subscribers can connect to any Yourhub WiFi Hotspot!
    Yourhub business customers can enjoy the benefit of accessing the internet away from the office. Log into any Yourhub hotspot using your username and password to access the internet and your emails. This offer is exclusive to Yourhub subscribers. 
    *May be included in certain packages. Where not included users can access the Yourhub Hotspots via the online payment gateway. For more information on Yourhub Hotspots click here
    Additional Information

    NBN Speeds: 
         These are the nominal NBN access port speeds, and are not necessarily indicative of actual Internet data transfer speeds 
         - learn more about actual speeds here 
    *Cost of 1GB:
         The standard cost for 1 GB included in the selected plan will vary depending on the amount of data allocated to the plan. 
         Excess usage is shaped as outlined under shaping.     
    > NBN Redundancy Packages: 
         NBN Redundancy packages utilise the Yourhub Fixed Wireless Network. When the NBN drops off Yourhub Fixed Wireless 
         Network is designed to automatically kick in and keep you connected to the internet. When the NBN comes back online it will 
         then hand your connection back to the NBN service. Available to all NBN and ADSL customers. When bundled with Yourhub 
         NBN or ADSL or Phone services you can save on your monthly charges. 
    ^Shaping Fixed Wireless Redundancy: 
          There is no shaping on the Fixed Wireless Redundancy package. Excess usage charges or .02c per mb will apply for use over 
          the 50GB per month capped at $300.00. 
          Charges for excess usage are charged at the end of each month. 
          Options for 0 month contract incurs a connection charge. A 24 month contract connection fee is wavered. Early cancellation of  
          the contract period would incur the connection charge in full. A 12 month contract period applies when bundling NBN services 
          with Redundancy and Voice services. 
    Early Termination Fee:  
          Early termination fees are calculated on 50% of the minimum monthly fee multiplied by the number of remaining months 
          of the contract period. See service charges below for more information. 
    Static IP Address:  
          An additional charge of $5.50 per month applies for Fixed IP Address. 
    Email Accounts:  
          Each residential plan receives a standard allocation of up to 5 email account. Additional accounts are available 
          upon request (charges may apply). 
          There is no charge of an upgrade of plan remaining on the same speed. 
          Yourhub will supply required hardware pre-configured so that all you have to do is plug it in. See our list of 
          available hardware: Click Here
          Nettalk Business Phone and PBX is a Voice over Internet Protocol service (VoIP) and is not part of the ageing POTs telephone 
          Turn off your existing analogue telephone service and stop paying line rental and excessive call charges. You can also keep your 
          exisitng local telephone number. 
          Yourhub can port your current number from your previous telephone provider or we can allocate you a new local number, the 
          choice is yours! 
          Nettalk Phone is included in the NBN packages where indicated. Calls 
          for these packages are at the selected package rates. 
          For additional information See Business Phone services information here.  
          All Nettalk Phone services are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP
    Call Rates 
          Local Calls - .20c per call (Talk as long as you like when you like for just .20c per call) 
          National Calls - .20c per call (Talk as long as you like when you like for just .20c per call) 
          Mobile calls - .13.5c per 30sec. 
          International calls from .03c per min. See international call rates here

    Service Charges

    New NBN Connection: 
       FREE on 24 month contracts. 
       $ 75.00 for 24 month contract (Applies if you already have an NBN Internet service from another RSP (Retail Service Provider) 
       and want to transfer the service to Yourhub. 
    Speed Change: 
       You can elect to change the speed of your plan to a higher speed at any time. A fee of $40.00 applies for each speed change. 
    Plan Change Fee: 
       A fee of $40.00 applies for each plan change. 
    Incorrect Call Out: 
       This is the fee per hour charged to the customer for an incorrect call out and is based on the time on site (Min$200.00). 
    Out of Hours Support: 
       Call to support staff out of hours (Min $200.00). 
    Incorrect Fault: 
       This is the fee charged to the customer when an incorrect fault is lodged and found not to be on the carriers network ($250.00). 
    Early Termination Fee: 
       Disconnection fee if the customer is disconnected. This fee is calculated at 50% of the fixed monthly price multiplied by the 
       remaining number of months i.e. $29.98 (50% 0f $59.95) x 6 months = $179.85. 

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